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"THE BIRDS!" for concert band is available for purchase now.

To contact me, you can call: (615) 394-3920 or send me an email at: joemurphy@mac.com


I truly love writing for marching ensembles. I feel that "outdoor performances" help keep band music alive! The Pageantry Arts help the general public to "stay in touch" with bands (or drum corps) and band literature. Music is MUSIC! - whether it is performed inside or outside. It should be equally GREAT in both venues.

Let's make MUSIC!! - Joe Murphy


Clientele list...

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to arrange for: SPIRIT from JSU, Capital Regiment, Louisiana State University, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Arkansas, Army Continental Band, Athens, AL HS Band, Boise, ID HS Band, Crystal Lake, IL HS Band, Crystal River, FL HS Band, Cumberland University, Ezell-Harding HS Band, Fairborn, OH HS Band, George County, MS HS Band, Georgia Bridgemen, Giles County, TN HS Band, Hendersonville, TN HS Band, Hillwood, TN HS Band, Lakeland, VA HS Band, LaVergne, TN HS Band, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, GA HS Band, Lowndes HS Band, Memphis Sound, Music City Legend, New Albany, MS HS Band, Niceville, FL HS Band, Richfield, UT HS Band, Ritchie COunty, WV HS Band, Smyrna, TN HS Band, South Fort Myers, FL HS Band, Sycamore, TN HS Band, University of North Florida, Vanderbilt University, Washington County, GA HS Band, West Pittsburg, PA HS Band, and the Wilson Central, TN HS Band.

Here's a short bio on me...

Joe Murphy is one of the top recording tuba and electric bass players in the United States having played live and on hundreds of recording projects with artists such as Michael Bolton, John Pizzarelli, Michael W. Smith, Michael McDonald, Dennis DeYoung, Bela Fleck And The Flecktones, Larnell Harris, Mike Reid, the Nashville Jazz Machine, the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, and the Original Mr. Jack Daniels Silver Cornet Band.

Joe has performed on nationally televised broadcasts of Austin City Limits, TNN's Nashville Now, BET Jazz Classics, and the NBC Today Show and was the tuba soloist on the movie, Hoodwinked.

As a producer, composer and arranger, Joe has worked with a wide range of artists and clients including: Bob Carlisle, Twila Paris, Larnell Harris, Michael Johnson, Edgar Meyer, Futureman, the London Symphony Orchestra, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, the Benson Music Group, Word Music, the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, the Nashville String Machine, the Nashville Jazz Orchestra, Disney Cruise Lines, Warner Brothers Publishing, and Ralph Carmichael's Big Band in Los Angeles.

Mr. Murphy is a published arranger and composer with Arrangers Publishing Company and Row-Loff Productions


I also own LOUD MOUTHPIECES, a global manufacturer of surgical grade, stainless steel mouthpieces for low brass players! The mouthpieces are used actively all over the world, including: The New York Metropolitan Opera, The Chicago Symphony, The LA Philharmonic, Hollywood Recording Studios, ALL of the Washington D.C. military bands, numerous European brass bands, New Orleans brass bands, Drum and bugle corps, College bands, etc...



Original Concert Band Programmatic Piece - 3 Movement Work - 9 minutes in length

THE BIRDS! - for Concert Band

As most of you know, the movie "THE BIRDS!" - directed by Alfred Hitchcock did not have a typical "movie soundtrack". Other than some incidental Debussy music that was played on the family's hi-fi stereo, there was no other musical score written for the movie. In 2001, I was commissioned by Edward Nagel at Fairborn High School, Ohio to write a BOA (Bands of America) marching show of "THE BIRDS!" to compete in Indianapolis. The band did well, and made semi-finals. Over the years a few bands have asked to perform this piece. This piece is always well-loved by students AND PARENTS alike!

THE BIRDS! is a solid Grade 4 piece. This piece is written for every section in the ensemble to have fun, and get plenty of exciting material to perform. This, in turn, motivates students to PRACTICE!!

Extensive amounts of time have been spent to make sure all of the woodwind lines are easy to facilitate on their instrument. The ranges in the brass family are very accomodating, and appropriate for a Grade 4 piece.

Here are examples of THE BIRDS!

THE BIRDS! - full length mp3

THE BIRDS! - Movement 1.mp3

THE BIRDS! - Movement 2.mp3

THE BIRDS! - Movement 3.mp3

THE BIRDS! - FULL PDF SAMPLE SCORE (every other page of score, plus watermark)

to purchase a copy of "THE BIRDS!", call me at (615) 394-3920

price $125.00

(soon, you will be able to purchase right here)


Published Charts for Arrangers' Publishing Company


1. THNKS FR TH MMRS by Fall Out Boy - This is a hard rock tune that ROARS, but with a "kinder, gentler" side, too. They actually used a full-sized recording orchestra on the Fall Out Boy cd. And it works great on the field. This chart also works great in the stands. Enjoy! Available at JWPepper.com

2. MONSTER by Skillet - This is a rocking stands chart! This tune has been used for Pro Football commercials as well as Pro Wrestling. ROCK THE STANDS! Available at JWPepper.com

3. A Mariah Carey Christmas - A three song medley for Concert Band from Mariah's Christmas CD. This medley is perfect to close out the first half of your concert going into intermission. The medley includes, "All I Want For Christmas Is You", "I Miss You Most At Christmastime", and "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)". Available at JWPepper.com

4. The Contest Series - On-field Chorales - There are 4 different 45 second backfield chorales here to rewarm your wind instruments before your band performs their show. Bands LOVE playing these and audiences love hearing them. Two of these chorales end loud and two end soft. Enjoy! Available at JWPepper.com



Published Charts for Rowloff Productions

1. Celebration - This is the Kool & The Gang original from the 70's. Party in the Stands!!
2. King Kong
3. Bustin’ Loose

- Arrangements for SPIRIT from JSU -
(I was fortunate enough to be asked to bring the classic Jim Ott arrangements back to life. The corps now performs my arrangements of the classic charts)
1. Georgia
2. Let It Be Me
3. Sweet Georgia Brown

Also for SPIRIT...
4. One Hand, One Heart
5. He Who Sheds Blood With Me (original) (included in "The Contest Series" above)


Memphis Sound Drum and Bugle Corps 2006
1. Basically Blues
2. Blue (Joni Mitchell)
3. Turk Rondo a la Blue (a twisted arr. of Blue Rondo)
4. Scootin' On Hardrock

Music City Legend Drum and Bugle Corps 2006
1. Minuano
2. Time For A Change
3. Whiplash
4. Chiapas

Music City Legend Drum and Bugle Corps 2007
1. A Big Fat Kill/Red Light, Blue Light
2. Chinatown
3. Mueva Los Huesos
4. The Chase from "Sleepy Hollow"

Music City Legend Drum and Bugle Corps 2008
1. Moon River
2. The Assassins' Tango/A Mis Abuelos
3. Overture from "Dancer In The Dark"
4. Rock This Town

Music City Legend Drum and Bugle Corps 2009
1. Artistry In Rhythm
2. War! (an original composition by me)
3. Send In The Clowns
4. Intermission Riff

Capital Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps 2009
1. The First Wave
2. Hello (by Evanescence)
3. Chrono-Cross
4. New Beginnings


1. Chariot Race (Hans Zimmer)
2. Deliver Us (Hans Zimmer)
3.The Burning Bush (Hans Zimmer)
4. Through Heaven's Eyes (Hans Zimmer)

Athens, AL 2001 - THE OPERA SHOW
1. Pagliacci Opener
2. Baccanale
3. Exerpts from Carmen

1. Rule Britannia Opener/2. McDuffie’s March
3. Russian Sailor’s Dance
4. Korean Folk Song
5. America The Beautiful/Stars & Stripes Forever

1. Pictures of Spain
2. El Salon Mexico
3. Malagueña

1. Pirates Of The Caribbean
2. Eternal Father, Strong To Save
3. Russian Sailor’s Dance

Athens, AL 2005 - JAZZ
1. C Jam Blues
2. Caravan
3. Summertime
4. Birdland

Athens, AL 2006 - Classic DCI Favorites
1. Big Noise from Winnetka
2. Malaga
3. The Stars Fell on GEORGIA
4. Sweet Georgia Brown

Athens, AL 2007 - The Beatles
1. Eleanor Rigby
2. Magical Mystery Tour
3. Penny Lane
4. Something/Hey Jude

Athens, AL 2008 - Chicago!
1. 25 or 6 to 4/Make Me Smile
2. Saturday In The Park
3. Hard To Say I'm Sorry
4. Beginnings

Athens, AL 2009 - Led Zepplin
1. Rock 'n' Roll
2. Fool In The Rain
3. Stairway To Heaven
4. Kasmir/Black Dog/Immagrant

Athens, AL 2010 - Tchaikovsky
1. Swan Lake
2. Nutcracker
3. Trepak
4. Overture 1812

Athens, AL 2011 - The New World
1. New World Symphony
2. The Old Sod Shanty
3. Shenandoah
4. Chorale & Shaker Dance

Athens, AL 2012 - Home
1. Magnificent Seven
2. Buckaroo Holiday
3. Home On The Range
4. Silverado/Blazing Saddles

Boise, ID 2010 - Pat Metheny!
1. First Circle
2. Letter From Home
3. Minuano

Capital Regiment 2009 - THE STORM
1. The First Wave
2. Hello
3. Chrono-Cross
2. New Beginnings

Crystal River, FL 2012 - The Music of Queen!
1. Princes of The Universe
2. Fat Bottomed Girls
3. Prophet's Song
2. Bohemian Rhapsody/We Are The Champions

Cumberland University 2003
Show 1 - To Tame The Perilous Skies (Cadets’ version)
1. To Tame - Opener
2. A Pilot’s Prayer
3. Triumph of The Spirit

2003 Show 2 - Aerosmith
1. Love In An Elevator
2. Walk This Way
3. Fly Away From Here
4. Dude Looks Like A Lady

Cumberland University 2004
1. Rhapsody In Blue
2. Gershwin, Piano Concerto In F
3. Malaguena

2004 Show 2 - The Music of KANSAS
1. Carry On, Wayward Son
2. Dust In The Wind
3. Icarus
4. Point Of Know Return

Cumberland University 2005
Show 1 - CITY OF ANGELS (Madison Scouts version)
1. Prologue
2. Every Breath I Take
3. Funny

2005 Show 2 - Stevie!
1. I Wish/Wild, Wild West
2. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
3. You Are The Sunshine of My Life
4. Superstition

Cumberland University 2006
1. A Mis Abuelos
2. Concierto de Aranjuez
3. Malaga

Cumberland University 2007
1. Minuano
2. I Can't Make You Love Me
3. Eleanor Rigby

Cumberland University 2008 - Chicago! (This is more rhythm section heavy than the Athens version - Guitar solos, etc...)
1. 25 or 6 to 4/Make Me Smile
2. Saturday In The Park
3. Hard To Say I'm Sorry
4. Beginnings

1. To Tame the Perilous Skies - Opener
2. A Pilot’s Prayer
3. Triumph of the Spirit

Fairborn, OH 2001 - THE BIRDS
(an ORIGINAL score by me based on the Alfred Hitchcock movie)
1. Opener
2. Chorale
3. Closer

1. Alchemy Opener
2. Rise
3. A Million Suns at Midnight

Fairborn, OH 2003 - STREET SCENES (another original by me)
1. Rush Hour Traffic
2. More Than a Broken Vow
3. Street Scenes

Fairborn, OH 2004 - DANCE RHYTHMS
1. Danza Final
2. Lento from Philip Sparke
3. Blue Shades (Ticheli)

Georgia Bridgemen 2006 - Summertime
1. School’s Out for Summer
2. Seasons of Love
3. Summer Breeze
4. Hot Fun in The Summertime

Georgia Bridgemen 2007
1. Pretty Young Thing/Rock With You
2. I Can't Make You Love Me
3. Make Me Smile
4. Still/Amazing Grace

Georgia Bridgemen 2008
1. Bad/Smooth Criminal
2. Protect Life
3. Jailhouse Rock
4. Kiss From a Rose

Giles County 1996 - KANSAS
1. Carry On Wayward Son
2. Dust In The Wind
3. Icarus
4. Point of Know Return

Giles County 1997 - RUSSIAN CAMEOS
1. 1812 Overture
2. Romance/Russian Sailor’s Dance
3. Troika

Giles County 1998 - ENGLISH CAMEOS
1. Britannia/Moorside March
2. Children’s Song/Dargason
3. Song Without Words
4. English Folk Song Suite

Giles County 1999 - IRISH IN YOUR FACE
1. McDuffie’s March
2. Irish Washer Woman
3. Scotland the Brave
4. Irish Rhapsody

Giles County 2000 - TCHAIKOVSKY!!
1. Symphony #4/Marche Slave
2. Exerpts from The Nutcracker
3. 1812 Overture

Giles County 2001 - AMERICAN SALUTE!
1. American Salute
2. Quiet City
3. Tribute to Gershwin

Giles County 2002
1. Morning Sun on the Sails
2. Night on Bald Mountain/Polovstian Dances
3. Clair de Lune
4. Dargason Closer

Giles County 2004 - SONGS OF TENNESSEE
1. Tennessee Waltz
2. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
3. Rocky Top
4. Chattanooga Choo-Choo(Mallet Feature)
5. Beale Street Blues

Giles County 2005 - WICKED
1. Wizard & I
2. I’m Not That Girl
3. Popular
4. Defying Gravity

Giles County 2006 - SPECTRUM (Original Show)
1. Red
2. Blue
3. Spectrum

Giles County 2008 - CITY OF ANGELS
1. Prologue
2. Every Breath I Take
3. Funny

Hendersonville 2005 - FRANKENSTEIN
1. I Need To Know
2. Take Me As I Am
3. Mass
4. Murder, Murder

Hendersonville 2006 - Prince Of Egypt
1. All I Ever Wanted
2. The Burning Bush
3. Goodbye Brother
4. Deliver Us

Hillwood 2005 - STING
1. Message In A Bottle/Roxanne
2. Fields Of Gold
3. Englishman In NY

Lakeland, VA 2004 - THE MIRACLE
1. Scotland The Brave
2. Chorale and Shaker Dance
3. Malagueña

Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, GA 2010 - Infinity On High!
(The Music of Fall Out Boy)
1. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
2. Golden
3. The Take Over, The Breaks Over

1. First Circle
2. The Heat of the Day
3. Letter Home

1. What’s This?
2. Oogie Boogie Man
3. Sally’s Song
4. To The Rescue

LaVergne 2007 - WICKED
1. The Wizard and I
2. Changed For Good
3. Defying Gravity
4. No Good Deed

LaVergne 2008 - THE PLANETS
1. Krypton
2. Mars
3. Jupiter - Ballad
4. Jupiter - Closer

LaVergne 2008 - THE PLANETS
1. Krypton
2. Mars
3. Jupiter - Ballad
4. Jupiter - Closer

Lavergne 2009 & 2010 - Kyoudai - The Tale of Two Brothers
1. First Vision
2. Kyoudai - Part II
3. Kyoudai Part III

LaVergne 2011 - Lucitato Aeterna
1. Path To Heaven
2. Wall Breached
3. Time
4. Wall Breached - Reprise

LaVergne 2012 - Unity of All
1. Courage of One
2. Endurance
3. Unity of All

Niceville, FL 2010 - The Music of Journey!
1. Faithfully - Intro
2. Separate Ways
3. Be Good To Yourself
4. Open Arms
5. Don't Stop Believing

Niceville, FL 2011 - Flirtin' With Disaster
1. Freebird
2. Flirtin' with Disaster
3. How Do I Live Without You
4. Life Is A Highway

Niceville, FL 2012 - Then & Now!
1. Slaughter on 10th Avenue
2. Bernstein's Mambo
3. Count Bubba
4. Empire State of Mind

Ritchie County, WV 2010 - The Olympics
1. Spirit of the Marathon
2. Javelin

Ritchie County, WV 2012 - Our Favorites
1. Finlandia
2. Grieg Concerto
3. Ride of The Valkyries

1. You Gotta Try (Nestico)
2. If We Were In Love (Alan Bergman from Yes, Georgio)
3. In The Stone (Earth, Wind & Fire)
4. You Gotta Try (re-cap)

South Fort Myers, FL 2005 - AMERICA
1. Esprit de Corps
2. Hymn To The Fallen
3. America/Stars & Stripes

1. Gavorkna Fanfare (Jack Stamp)
2. Lux Aeterna (Morten Lauridsen)
3. Machine (William Bolcom)

Sycamore HS, TN 2005 - Overtures
1. Festive Overture
2. Make Our Garden Grow
3. Candide

Wilson Central, TN 2005 - TCHAIKOVSKY
1. Tchaik 4 Finale
2. Troika
3. New World Symphony
4. Dance of The Tumblers












Have a great day! - Joe Murphy